Dining rooms

Welcome to the World of Exquisite Dining Room Experience

The Luxury Antonovich Home Team Promises that every Client will experience an out of these world design of every Furniture for the dining Area. As the Team believes that the Dining area should have the emphasize the most amazing interior design and decoration for every Home. The Dining area is where the family and guest use to share and present the main meals every day. The Dining Area is where we present our guest the status and trait of the family on how they welcome every guest with full Hospitality. That is why the Luxury Antonovich Home Team creates a very unique and stylish design for every Dining Room. The Team has been completely inspired to bring out all the best creations to be able to provide every client with an extraordinary experience with every dining room Furniture design. When we say Exquisite Dining Room Design we are talking about how we have done the great combination of selecting the premium quality of every material and the Luxurious touch of the finishing.

How to Decorate Your Dining Room Correctly?

The Luxury Antonovich Home is providing the Full Services decorating every Dining Room area from the Professional Consulting up the selection of the accurate furniture and decoration for the Dining Room Setting. It is very important to consider the size of the area of the Dining Room. It was indeed such a very exciting to design and decorate a spacious Dining Room Area, However, it is always very important to consider the main feature of the area which is the dining table and chairs that will occupy the major space. On the other hand, for the small dining room area, it always has to maximize every space and angle, Selecting the accurate furniture and decoration to complete the great dining experience. The Luxury Antonovich Home has the best line up of Interior Designers and Consultants to give the best advice every client to decorate the Dining Room.

Premium Class Furniture’s and Decorative Materials for Dining Room

The Luxury Antonovich Home Team has been decided to upgrade and extend its capacity to provide the full and exclusive services towards every Customer. From its very Professional and skilled Production team which has its full capacity in providing every unique and world-class result. Every Furniture surely has its polished and flawless finishing. Straight from its very own Manufacturing in Turkey and Italy every Dining Room Set in consisting of full hard work and passion to design the furniture magnificently. The perfect combination of every handmade carving for the woodworks has been carefully molded with very artistic and unique wood carving techniques. The Production The team is always making sure that all the fabrics that will be using for the dining set are from the premium class with very world-class quality. Most of the dining table is made up of Marble or solid hardwood which was always designed to perfection by having an amazing design that will absolutely match with every dining chairs and the entire interior of the Dining Room.

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