World Class Quality of Carpets

The Luxury Antonovich Home has its own Manufacturing for Carpets. Straight from its factory in Turkey, our designers have been carefully selecting every material, creatively doing the design and polished the perfect finishing. The Luxury Antonovich Home has its widest selections for the carpet design according to every concept. Either it is for Classical Design, Contemporary, Classic Modern and the Latest Modern Collection. Every Client will be surely amazed how we are conducting a very professional way of advising of how to decorate every home correctly and matching all the home decorations nicely most especially for the flooring and applying the carpet design. The Carpets have recently become very in-demand with our International clients, that is why our Production Team has decided to broaden the variety of carpets design that shall be presented to every client.

Exclusive Tips in Matching the Carpets to your Flooring

When it comes to matching Carpets to your Flooring, it's important to consider the design element and your own style on how you can creatively play with the schemes and materials. In Flooring Design and treatments consider space of the area and the selected furniture’s to match. Once you decided with the main carpet design it can be easily be incorporated with different styling ideas for matching the carpets with the entire flooring materials such as the waterjet, tiles or marble with the many options exclusively available anytime at Luxury Antonovich Home Showroom.

 Delivery and Installation Services

The Luxury Antonovich Home has a very Professional The team that will do the Door to Door Delivery From our Factory straight to your home. “Delivery On Time!” is our working goals to fully satisfy every client. We also have our very skilled Team that will do the installation and fixing for your Carpets, As we have embraced the new trends and technology for the Carpet installation such as connecting the carpet to the flooring in the same level.

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